Basic Dating Etiquette for Women

Four Suggestions to Help You Make a Good Impression on the

Man You’re Dating:

Don’t chase him.  You feel really good about the guy you've started to go out with  Your first few dates went really well, and you wonder if he feels the same as you do.  If you're tempted to express your feelings now...don't.  It's way too soon.  Most men feel uncomfortable when the woman they're dating expresses her feelings for them early in the relationship, before they've figured out their own feelings, and they may end the courtship. Give yourselves more time to get to know each other, and which point  you can tell him you feel the dating is going well.  It helps to know that  as time  goes on it will at some point  before telling him you feel the dating is going well. 

In most cases, it's also a good idea for women to let the guy do the asking out and initiate telephone calls and text messages when a courtship is just getting started.  Many men  expect to be the "pursuer" in a relationship, and they feel uncomfortable when their new dating partner seems over-eager, or seems like she's pursuing them.  While some men are more "enlightened",   and like being asked out and called by a woman who interests them, it's a good idea to keep in mind that many men have traditional expectations about dating.

Don’t bring desperation and bitterness along on your date.  If you are angry, very disappointed, or feel desperate, you could inadvertently be projecting these strong feelings on your dates and scaring off someone who might be right for you. 

Don’t think of the date as being over before it’s  started.  You may had a hard day and are in no mood to go out, but it’s too late to ask him to make it another evening.  You’ve been able to talk yourself into things before, and you can talk yourself into this date, too.  Take a quick rest, have a cup of coffee, freshen your look, and tell yourself that he may be a great person for you to meet – if not for you, then for one of your friends. 

Know how to end a date that’s getting too long when he doesn’t know how.  When a date seems to be going well, the man you’re with may lose track of time.  Or, he may worry that if he ends the evening the wrong way, you’ll get offended and not want to go out again.  Or, he may be enjoying himself, even though you don’t feel the same way.   It may be a good idea for you to diplomatically let him know that it’s time to wrap things up. “I’m having a nice time, but I think we’ve forgotten to pay attention to the clock.  It’s already 11:30, and I have to be up very early tomorrow.”  Most men will get the hint and appreciate your diplomacy. 

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