Sites for Jewish Dating, Matchmaking and Connection - Aish Hatorah's website has great articles on many Jewish topics, including dating. -  "Yeshivish" singles can sign up with one of 5 full-time matchmakers who work exclusively with daters in their mid-twenties on up.  Aishes  Lapides also offers mentoring, counseling, and other services. - With a goal of bringing Jews together with humor, this site features a wealth of information about events for Jewish singles in the greater New York area. - This shidduch/dating service for Orthodox singles uses a well-tested personality compatibility questionnaire and a team of capable matchmakers to help clients meet compatible shidduchim. - A matchmaking  service for Chabad singles that gives them access to experienced Chabad matchmakers throughout the world.  Matchmakers access members' profiles to find and suggest potential matches, and members can also search the data base to see limited information about members, excluding photos, names, and contact details. - Gateways  gives Jewish men and women opportunities  to unlock the treasure of their heritage through dynamic educational and social programs, including retreats and events with other Jewish organizations.  Gateway  Connections, its successful matchmaking service,  employs a team of talented, sensitive and energetic matchmakers who work day and night connecting couples, and following up on every date with a call, to discuss, advise, and provide encouragement to participants. -  Rekindle the spark to your Jewish soul. Tens of thousands of Jewish singles and marrieds alike have done so through Rebbetzen Esther Jungreis' Hineini organization.  Many married couples first met each other at a Hineni class or social gathering for singles. Hineni also offers matchmaking services. - Inbar offers social activities, networking opportunities, and  matchmaking services  for Orthodox singles in Israel who have physical disabilities.  Each year, Inbar celebrates a number of weddings for men and women who have met thanks to its services. - One of the first online dating services for Jewish singles, JDate has helped thousands of Jewish men and woman from all Jewish affiliations meet their spouses since its founding in 1997. - A comfortable, relaxed virtual cafe where Jewish singles can use a three-week free trial to post a profile and immediately begin communicating with other Jewish singles.  The site employs many features, including private mailboxes, so users can communicate safely until they choose to share personal information. – An on-line dating site for all Jewish singles with English and Russian versions that make it a popular site for Jewish men and women from the former FSU. The site also offers services of a matchmaker to recommend potential dating partners from the list of members. - Manhattan Jewish Experience is a cutting edge program for Jewish professionals in their 20s and 30s with little or no background in Judaism who are interested in learning more about their heritage and connecting to each other, to Judaism, and to the Jewish community. -  Online dating site for marriage-minded Jewish singles  of all religious affiliations. – The first website aimed at helping Jewish Singles With Special Needs get connected, chat, and network for dating.   It offers a free matchmaking service for Jews of all religious affiliations which is run by a non-profit organization that has already made many matches of special needs couples. - A popular online dating service for observant Jewish singles worldwide which prioritizes  derech eretz and a private environment.  Users have a more comfortable experience because they only see those profiles that are relevant to them. -  A search engine for an assortment of Jewish information - shuls, schools, events, politics, vendors, and sites and events for singles. - A directory of dating spots, recommended by site users, in the U.S., Canada, and Israel. - A networking/matchmaking service for alumnae of Neve Yerushalayim seminary. - RAJE is a comprehensive educational and communal organization for Russian American college students and young professionals. Its many programs encourage young Jewish adults to explore their Jewish identity, develop their leadership potential, and find their own place within the community.  Many married couples first met each other at one of RAJE's Shabbos or holiday meals or social events. - A non-profit Toronto-based organization which provides premarital education and counseling, runs lectures and events, and offers shidduch guidance for Orthodox singles. While it primarily serves Canadian singles, its matchmakers work with a worldwide network of matchmakers and singles. enables Jewish singles to select two matchmakers as their own personal agents to finding them a match. The site is discreet, private, and does not allow browsing of other singles' profiles, but still gives daters the power to proactively look for a match. The screened matchmakers, who have access to profiles, suggest specific potential matches to members, who can then review suggested  profiles and decide if they would like to meet.  The combination of personal input from the matchmaker and the comprehensive information daters put into the system results in more compatible dates and more than 2,000 married clients. - A Jewish social network to provide a safe and friendly environment for people to connect and meet for a Shabbos together.  Host families and guests fill out profiles and give references so both sides can make comfortable Shabbos arrangements.  There's also a matchmaking feature.  A good idea those traveling for business, backpacking across the country, studying abroad, or just looking for a little inspiration. - This site offers a broad spectrum of information and discussion on topics of Jewish interest. One of the highlights is a constantly updated database of kosher restaurants and food establishments throughout the world. Good links to lots of religious, educational, cultural, communal, and singles sites and information. - A matchmaking service promising personal attention, for Orthodox singles from all backgrounds. - offers a discreet personal shadchan service for Orthodox singles living in Europe.  Its matchmakers are based in London, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Vienna, Basel, and Zurich, and they combine their personal  connections to  daters  with's own large database of singles from around Europe as well as Saw You at Sinai's large worldwide network. -Tips and how- to's for people in shidduchim compiled by the Passaic-Clifton Jewish community - This introduction service for Orthodox singles throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Israel is a project of the Chicago Jewish community. - Provides baal teshuva singles in the U.S. and Canada with personalized dating guidance, mentoring, and networking - An internet dating service for marriage-minded men and women who are strictly observant, observant to a degree, or just starting to connect to Jewish observance and want to find someone who shares their values. - Yad HaChazakah - Jewish Disability Empowerment Center offers an array of services to Jews with disabilities, including dating coaching, referrals to matchmakers, and support/guidance in setting up a home and building a family when one or both partners has a disability. -  Yeshiva University alumni as well as non-alumni can join YUConnects for matchmaking, networking, activities, opportunities to meet, and mentoring.  The site also has a wealth of information for daters.


Screening for Jewish Genetic Diseases

Certain genetic diseases occur more frequently in individuals from specific ethnic groups,  and there are a number of genetic diseases for which people of Jewish ancestry are more likely to be carriers than the general population.  These diseases are serious, and many are life altering or fatal to children born with them.

Carriers are healthy people who are not affected by the gene they carry.  However, if two carriers of a gene for the same disease marry, in each pregnancy there is a 25% chance the child will be born with the disease.  Most medical authorities recommend genetic screening before a first pregnancy.  Many rabbinic authorities recommend screening early in the courtship or before engagement, so that two people who carry the same genetic mutation can choose not to continue dating or  to explore medical options for having healthy children if they decide to marry. 

The Jewish community uses two forms of testing:

Dor Yeshorim's confidential matching service - Dor Yeshorim screens for a number of common Jewish genetic diseases.  Individuals don't receive the results of the screening.  Instead, they contact the Dor Yeshorim hotline to find out if they are "genetically compatible"  with the person they plan to date or are dating.   If the couple is "incompatible" (they both carry the same gene mutation), Dor Yeshorim gives them information about  the gene they carry and offers genetic counseling about the risks involved if they choose to marry. This system is only available to individuals who have not been screened elsewhere  and are not yet engaged or married. To find a participating testing site call  Dor Yeshorim  in the U.S. at 718-384-6060, or in Israel at 02-586-3633.

Standard Genetic Screening -  Confidential genetic screening that checks for many common Jewish Genetic diseases is performed in most major hospitals and medical centers.  The individual receives a list of the conditions that were screened and a copy of the results of the testing.  Many of the programs offer genetic counseling.   Some of the screening programs in the U.S. and Israel include:

The Program For Jewish Genetic Health at Montefiore Medical Center (New York) - 728-430-4156.

NYU Human Genetics Program and NYU Langone Medical Center  (New York ) - 212-263-5746

Center for Jewish Genetics in Chicago (for Illinois residents) -

Einstein Healthcare Network's Victor Center for Jewish Genetic Diseases in  Philadelphia - 215-456-8722.

Cedars-Sinai (Los Angeles) - 800-233-2771

Hadassah Medical Center (Jerusalem) 02-677-6995.


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The Frum Rules - The Fun, User-Friendly, Definitive Girl's Guide to Shidduchim by Estee Stimler

Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix, Ph. D.

Head to Heart by Gila Manolson

I  Only Want to Get Married Once: The 10 Essential Questions for Getting it Right the First Time by Chana Levitan

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The Menucha Principle in Shidduchim, Dating and Engagement by Shaya Ostrow

The River, The Kettle, and the Bird by Rabbi Aaron Feldman

Shidduchim 101 - You and everyone you know can learn how to help make a shidduch by Shana Kramer

The Shmuz on Bitachon - Finding and Keeping Your Soul Mate by Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier

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10 Minutes a Day to a Better Marriage by Dr. Meir Winkler

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