What We DO

What We Do For Family and Friends Who Care


  • Programs for Parents - How to Help, When to Step Back
  • Pointers  for Friends 
  • Matchmaking for Everyone - How to Make Shidduchim Without a "License"

What We Do For daters


  • Workshops and Lectures to Improve Dating Skills
  • Articles and Tips For Successful Dating
  • Help Finding/Working With a Matchmaker
  • Help Finding a Dating Mentor
  • Help Finding a Therapist
  • Troubleshooting Hotline
  • Pre-Marriage Education

What We Do For People and Communities Who Want to Help Daters

  • Dating Mentor Training
  • Matchmaker Training
  • Workshops for  Therapists
  • Training for  Facilitators at Singles' Events
  • Helping communities set up matchmaking and mentoring services and programming for singles




At Sasson V'Simcha, dating is a pathway to a goal - the goal of a healthy, happy marriage to the right person.  Some daters achieve that goal easily, while many others encounter challenges at one or more points along the pathway.  We  help marriage-minded men and women deal with these challenges so they can go on to build relationships that lead to marriage.  We also guide family, friends, and communities in the ways they can actively help daters achieve their goals of successful marriages.  

to request one of our services or to ask about  our webinars and the programs we can bring to your community

Sasson V'Simcha Programs Around the World

When Sasson V'Simcha presents a program, it gears each community's unique needs into account.  That's why our programs have benefitted participants from across the Jewish spectrum.  Some of the communities, organizations, and schools from North America, Europe, and Israel  who have partnered with Sasson V'Simcha to host our programs include:

  • Aish HaTorah
  • Congregation Anshe Sholom Bnai Yisrael
  • Chicago Community Kollel
  • Ohel  Children's Home and Beis Ezra
  • Limudei Lottie (Ramat Bet Shemesh)
  • Bikur Cholim of Rockland County
  • Gruss Kollel of Yeshiva University (New York and Jerusalem)
  • Pninim Women's Seminary (Jerusalem)
  • Five Towns and Far Rockaway Rosh Chodesh Group
  • Yad L'Shuv
  • Ohr Esther Congregation (Great Neck, NY)
  • Gush Katif Kallah Project
  • Neve PTI (Passaic)
  • Congregation AABJ&D (West Orange)
  • Afikei Torah Seminary (Jerusalem)
  • Orthodox Union (New York)
  • Orthodox Union's Israel Center (Jerusalem)
  • Sister to Sister Network
  • Jewish Learning Exchange (Los Angeles)
  • Jewish Learning Exchange (London)
  • Shidduch.im (London)
  • Russian American Jewish Experience
  • National Council of Young Israel
  • Family Institute of Neve Yerushalayim
  • Young Israel of Century City (Los Angeles)
  • Agudah of Madison (Brooklyn)
  • Hachnassas Kallah (Los Angeles)
  • Chicago Community Kollel
  • Sasson V'Simcha matchmakers (Toronto)
  • Inve Hagefen (Brookyn)
  • Acheinu (Jerusalem)
  • Kol Simcha (Baltimore)

  • Nefesh International
  • Nefesh Israel
  • Darchei Bina seminary
  • Midreshet Rachel seminary
  • Michlalah seminary
  • Valley Torah Academy (California)
  • YU Connects, Saw You at Sinai
  • Amit Women
  • Shearim College for Women
  • Congregation Shaarey Tefilla (Lawrence)
  • Congregation Etz Chayim (Kew Garden Hills)
  • World Wide Mizrachi
  • Emek Learning Center (Jerusalem)
  • Jewish Family Service (Los Angeles)
  • Midreshet Moriah seminary
  • Mount Sinai Jewish Center (New York)
  • Yedid Nefesh Of United Synagogue (London)